Not all wire baskets
are made equal…

Nimble has brought its design influence to the simple wire basket. Designed using fine mesh to ensure even small items can be stored; the Nimble wire baskets include reinforced bars for extra strength, a clever divider system and a unique stacker that maximises space.


No more bent or difficult to remove dividers. The Nimble dividers have been designed to be easily removed and added to baskets with a simple and clever lever system which locks them securely in place.


Nimble’s stackable basket option eliminates wasted space by storing baskets on top of each other, either on a desk, workstation, or shelving. It improves the efficiency of storage and makes the most of limited space.

Wall Panels

Panels have been designed to allow each unit to sit flush against each other so you can connect as many panels together as you like and it will be a direct continuation of wall storage.

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