Nimble Hits the Arab Health Conference Floor

Nimble has set our sights on the Arab Health 2017 conference to showcase our Storage Solutions & Stainless Steel Equipment.


Hosted at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center in Dubai in the United Emirates. The conference is held over four days from the 30th of January until the 2nd of February 2017. It is the largest healthcare conference in the Middle East and the second largest in the world. It hosts 4,400 of the world’s leading healthcare companies coming from over 70 different countries around the globe. Nimble is one of 24 Australian companies exhibiting at the conference. With hopes to set ourselves apart from the crowd with our innovative designs and new take on storage.


This is a great opportunity for Nimble along with other companies to build relationships within the healthcare industry. Arab Health showcases progress, achievements and also the latest innovations in the sector. For Nimble it is our first chance to explore opportunities within the healthcare field at an international level.


Positioned as a leader in healthcare the Arab Health Conference features 3D printing zones in addition to hands on training modules. As a result of the conferences large numbers and popularity it has a fantastic program covering various medical specialties especially relevant to the latest issues and topics affecting the healthcare industry around the world.


A lot of work and effort has gone on behind the scenes to get Nimble to the conference, with months of planning and organisation. Two of our Nimble team members travelled over 9000km’s from Perth to Dubai to take part in this great event. The reception we’ve received from our products has given us confidence in the fact that our focus on innovative design elements and most of all the benefits these have on the end users is the best way forward.


Click through to view our gallery which features the first day of the conference. With a hands on approach the Nimble team can be seen setting up the exhibition booth with the Nimble Storage System in addition to our Wire Baskets and Wall Panels.

More Information

For more information on the conference visit the official website.

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