Nimble is live!


Hi, we’re Nimble. We’re a company with a commitment to innovate the ordinary.

How? Better design, increased functionality, and a more enjoyable user experience. In other words, we take the equipment you use every day, and we find a way to improve it.

Why? Why not…


As product distributors, we’ve been building relationships, listening, studying and carefully observing the market. We’ve found that many essential product categories have been void of innovation, which is where Nimble comes in. Nimble has been established to innovate the ordinary, essential products that are ripe for improvement.

Basically, we find products with flaws, design challenges and quality issues, and we transform them into products that are elegant, strong and functionally superior.

The way we see it, by making this promise to innovate the ordinary, we can take one product at a time and we can create products that don’t just perform better, but also bring a smile to the face of the person using it.

At the core of everything we do is the question ‘how can we make things better?’ and we believe that once you see what Nimble’s all about, you won’t look back.


Nimble’s mission is to innovate the ordinary and to be industry leaders for storage solutions and stainless steel equipment for healthcare. We focus on the end user and how we can make their day just that little bit better with the use of our products. Explore our full range of products and see how Nimble are doing things.

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